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We haven’t even seen a ball kicked off yet and already, the ARU’s latest venture, the National Rugby Championship has hit a major snag.

As this article - - clearly states, the Greater Sydney Rams and Sydney Stars are at loggerheads over where star player Israel Folau should stamp his name, even though due to Wallabies commitments he’s unlikely to play a game and this is only for marketing purposes.

The Rams are saying Israel should be theirs, a local junior of the area should represent his area at a higher level with pride and honour. The Sydney Stars are saying he’s their player, chose to play for their feeder club, Sydney University and therefore due to the effort they put into him, they deserve him to stay at the new club and continue to keep the clubs fans and sponsors happy.

Both of these, are very valid arguements and to be honest, both have a case in point. The issue I have however, is a comment made late on in this article, by Sydney University President David Mortimer, where it says:

Asked if he saw promotional value in Folau promoting rugby in western Sydney, Mortimer said: “Is it a promotion game, or is it a competition? We are also in the business of promoting our side, so to have players re-possessed would have a very sour taste.

Now the article goes onto talk about how University has put time, effort and supported their players through medical costs and education, which I do agree is a very valid argument as to why they should stay with the club.

The problem is though, the National Rugby Championship was designed by the ARU to create a product that will compete with the likes of the NRL and AFL in the latter half of the season. To do this, it needs to cater for all audiences and attract fans for its spectacle and close competition.

Unforutnately, the program which feeds this new comp in NSW aka. Shute Shield is from the totally opposite spectrum. It’s a comp where, to be honest, history rules. Where it’s all about the club and therefore, the richer clubs, like Sydney University and to a lesser extent Eastern Suburbs and Randwick, have been able to buy the players they want, ahead of teams which lesser money, who however with these players, could create a much more even competition.

If we were to agree with Sydney Uni that all it’s players should be playing for the Stars, based on this weeks NSW Waratahs squad alone, they’d have 9 Super Rugby players to represent their team. NSW Country would have 8 (from 2 clubs), The Rams would be next with 5 (from 5 clubs) & Northern Rays would have 3.

This looks a little bit uneven, but then when you factor in the Stars other feeder club is Balmain, the club that once upon a time guest signed Matt Giteau to a contract as opposed to NSW Country fielding blokes from the bush (nothing wrong with that by the way, I like the idea), the thoughts of an even competition start falling by the wayside.

Now as a Rams fan, but also as a Shute Shield follower, I get both sides of the argument and to be honest, I’m not that fussed where Israel goes for marketing purposes- however I would say it would help the game in Western Sydney more if he was a Ram along with Beale.

My wider concern here is why the ARU allowed Sydney Uni and Balmain to become a team together in the first place. I know that it means more cash but if the aim of the game is to create a national competition that’s actually a competition, wouldn’t it have been smarter to do what the original ARC did in 2007 and make Sydney Uni and Southern Districts become a team, or better yet, make another team out in western NSW and have Sydney Uni affiliated to it?

Having a super team in a comp that’s designed to create competition is going to cause problems not only in NSW, where this arguement is already brewing, but in the areas where this competition has actually got a chance of getting some ground on rugby league and AFL, in the form of WA, ACT and VIC.

While fans will be parochial to start off with, if any team in the NRC is allowed to become a super power just because they are better funded than the rest, then this will become a turn off for fans before the season is out.

If you look at other national competitions, like the Big Bash, one of the great successes about it is that most teams have a chance of winning every game. If we were to go with the rule of talent playing where it’s raised, this wouldn’t happen as the two Sydney teams would get back a load of players who regularly play nationally and would dominate. The fact it’s an open pool based on a cap means that the game is fair, even and entertainment levels remain high.

If the ARU wants to succeed with the NRC, this same thought process has to be taken on. Create a cap for all teams, make every marquee player open on the market to the Super Rugby state they play for and then put the rest in a pool for all teams to compete for.

I know its not going to be good news to the likes of Mr Mortimer or the Sydney Uni fanbase, but it will be good news for the future of rugby in Australia and frankly, isn’t that what this competition is really all about?

So it’s official. Andrew Fifita has announced he is headed to the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs on a 4 year deal rumoured to be worth over 800k a season. As a Bulldogs fan, I’m very happy with this and can’t wait to have one of the most damaging props around join our world class forward line.

Now while this story has attracted headlines for many reasons- the amount of money being offered to a forward, the amount of years given… the main thing it’s attracted attention for is the fact that Andrew decided to join another club, despite stating his preference to stay at his current club, the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks, for just over a reported $50,000 a year more than they were willing to offer him.

So the question everyone is asking is this, why does $50,000 mean so much to a player over loyalty to a club that plucked him from no where a few years ago and turned him into a superstar of the NRL. Surely they could’ve gotten a third-party agreement to fix that up and kept him. 

The real answer is that in the Fifita case, that $50,000 a year extra in doesn’t actually matter. The Sharks could’ve offered him another $100k & he would probably have still gone west.

Ok, perhaps $200k more might be important in some cases, but this time, it’s about something more than that- something that can be answered by the man himself in his comments as to why he’s leaving the Sharks.

He says.. “I shed some tears and like I told them I didn’t want to leave but I am looking forward to the future. I wasn’t the smartest kid in school and if it can help me get a start in life and get a roof over my family’s head I am more than happy to help them out.” (Source- Channel 7 6pm News, 11 March 2013).

This quote says it all. Andrew wanted more than just cash- he wanted something that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs notes as the most important thing a person needs after food, sleep and breathing, something that the Cronulla side were never going to be able to give him in their current state, something that the Bulldogs could give him in bucketloads…

Andrew wanted security.

He wanted security to know that he and his family would be assured a place in the club he was at. Security that he’d be paid the amount he needed to support his young family and set up a future, security that he’d have a chance to play the best football possible over the next few years and have the best chance of getting to the highest levels as a rugby league player.

This unfortunately is something that Cronulla as a club just can’t offer at the moment.

I admire the Sharks- the way they fight against adversity, keep coming back from the brink and have now managed to not only pay off a huge debt but secure themselves financially with the massive re-development of the surrounding land around Shark Park.

The thing is though, the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks are going through a lot at the moment. They have a coach who is suspended and reportedly threatening to take legal action in the high court, they have been warned by the NRL that any further issues relating to the ASADA case could see them miss the finals series, they have ASADA yet to decide the future of much of the roster and the staff with breach notices and possibly even more fines and sanctions to come and for all the courage and fight, they are a club that look anything but stable for the next few years.

Funny thing is though, if we were in 2008- I’d be saying the same thing about my beloved Bulldogs. We were a club who were riddle with rumours and scandals and who had to beg a charity to support us as we couldn’t get a major sponsor. Six years on however, the club has completely turned things around- to the point where it is once again one of the most successful clubs in the NRL financially, has one of the best coaches in the business at the helm, has a strong playing roster, is renowned for being a family club and has sponsorship support to the hilt. There’s stability in the place and more importantly- any player who arrives there knows they will be looked after.

This is the reason why for Andrew, it was a simple choice- a hard, painful, but simple choice. He couldn’t risk staying at a club where if the fines became too much he might have to be let go to keep the club afloat, not when there was a club who could offer him just as much and also ensure he’d be on their roster for the duration of his contract at the agreed value he asked for.

That’s the thing about us human beings- give us enough to make us feel secure and we will go towards that option every day of the week- it’s how we’re designed and in the majority of us, it’s not going to change anytime soon.

So before you go and get annoyed at Andrew for not being loyal, put yourself in his shoes, see whether you could risk the opportunity he’s taken- you’ll soon clearly see that this is not about being a traitor, about being disloyal and it’s all about being secure, being safe and feeling at peace to do the best in the chance a person has been given.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want in life?

* the following piece is the opinion of the author and is in no way reflective of the views, thoughts and words of Andrew Fifita, the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks RLFC or Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs RLFC

There are times when you hate being wrong.. then there’s times when it’s actually a good thing- this is definitely a case of the latter.

When my fav NBA team, the Orlando Magic announced that it was embarking on a plan of five year success, I was skeptical that it would work. Even as a fan who would always go for the Magic since 1994- this was an idea that while it was great in theory, would prove harder to achieve in practice than finding half a needle in a haystack. 

It wasn’t so much that I didn’t believe in Jacque Vaughan as a coach, or our players- it was more the fact that given the loss of success we’d had with just one star player leaving, even if it was Dwight ‘Superman’ Howard, when a large percentage of the well known side was traded, well- I felt it was more like a 10 year plan of pain. That was further compounded when in return for depth in likes of Reddick, we were to receive a bunch of future draft picks. Personally, I felt we needed players, not draft picks- no use winning later if you can’t keep people interested now.

The good news is- I’m not an NBA coach, because if I was, I wouldn’t be able to smile the way I am at the moment. Sure it’s been a tough year for the Magic- we are last in the conference, we have been on long losing streaks and for an outsider, there is plenty of room to say that my early predictions were right on the money.

The thing is though, there’s something about this team that gives me hope. This is not just a bunch of superstars who have come to save the day and then run off when the money gets better- this is a team who take pride in the chances they get to follow in the footsteps of Shaq, Hardaway, McGrady & Superman, pride in the town they play in and most importantly, are determined to stick it out for the long haul.

Astute draft picks have ensured that the Magic will not only be a team to succeed in 2016, but one to succeed in 17,18 and 2019 hopefully too. The likes of Victor Oladipo have shone in a side that has no real big name, while players like Tobias Harris and Nikola Vucevic are growing in confidence. 

Most importantly though, this is a team that is driven to succeed. A lot of the losses this year have been either from slow starts or from lack of experience in closing out games- all of which comes with time and opportunity. Recent buzzer beater wins against big sides, Oklahoma City & Indiana are only going to help the confidence grow and a 5 game winning streak at home is a sign that surprisingly given that this was a 3 year plan- things are already starting to turn the corner.

The lesson to learn from all of this is that sometimes you’ve got to be willing to cut the losses and start from scratch. It takes humility to do and yes you will cop a lot of flack for it, but if, like Jacque and Rob, you are willing to take that and fight for your dream, then you too will be able to come out a winner, in due time.

In addition to this, if you do this, you’ll ensure you have your entire team on board the vision you create, as everyone knows what to expect when they arrive and no one has an excess baggage. This will ensure results come faster, opportunities are plentiful and minds are set on the result, not individual accolades.

That’s certainly the case with the Orlando Magic, a team that a town can be proud of, the NBA is starting to talk about again and I for one, am glad to be a supporter of, no matter how many more losses we have to endure before another championship.

The Australian One Day Cricket Team… In pursuit of perfection

I know that title is a big statement, considering we’ve had eras of teams that included great like Hayden, Gilchrist, Ponting, Bevan, McGrath & Warne.

The thing is though while the side of 10-13 years ago was great and did pioneer a lot of what modern cricket is today, this squad IMO is more evolutionary.

The reason I say this is that we’re finally seeing the real fruits of T20 cricket in this current Australian squad and we are seeing a whole new game and style of play.

This current Aussie line up has such great balance. From the power hitting of Warner, Watson & Finch, the tactical grafting of Clarke, Marsh, the smarts of Bailey, Maxwell, Haddin & as the video above shows, Faulkner, to the bowling prowess of Johnson, Pattinson, McKay, Coulter Nile. Every element of a good cricket team is covered.

On Sunday we saw how incredible power could dominate a side. Last night we saw glimpses of that, but we also saw how smarts and finesse still hold court with some innovative stroke play from Maxwell and the super cool innings of Faulkner. He was able to keep a level head with a climbing run rate and play every ball on merit, knowing he had enough to hit the bad ones out of the park. McKay, unlike many tail enders of the past, managed to stay with him too, never at all looking like he might lose his wicket.

Despite the power hitters who are seen as the key falling cheaply, the rest of the team was able to stay calm and even when some craziness lost wickets at opportune times, keep the run rate ticking and get home.

This IMO is largely due to the T20 format. For all the talk in it’s inception about how it would be all about power and bowlers being treated like dishrags, as the game has grown, it’s brought with it, not surprisingly, new ways of thinking and playing.

For those players who don’t have a natural power game, they’ve learnt to be smarter and get twos where one might have once been, been learning shots of innovation like ramps and reverse sweeps and using pace of the ball to gain power. Bowlers also have variations and are made to bat in their innings, which even if it’s hit out time, gains vital experience in the middle. It’s led to 200 plus totals off 20 overs and smarter, more confident players.

Take all of this into the one day arena and you see that no longer is 250 enough over 50 overs. Sides as the years go on will find even 300 won’t be enough as teams are use to chasing 1/3-1/2 of that in 20 overs. I won’t be surprised if in ten years time the average one day score is 370.

I also expect to see sides where every single player has a batting average of at least 20 and can bowl something. In a game like 20/20 where every wicket is vital, it has become almost necessary to find several all rounders to give you options and this will only grow as the game does. The flow on effects to 50 over cricket will mean players who can do it all when needed and much more even competition.

The early stages of this can be seen in this Aussie side. They’ve turned one day cricket on its head by going out early to blast runs knowing if early wickets fall, that’s ok as the team will support with traditional grafters in the middle and more power hitters at the end.

In the years to come I expect this will become the global norm and with more youngsters growing up like this, I know we’ll be in for some very entertaining cricket in the years ahead and as a cricket fanatic, I couldn’t be happier.

Hi Everyone

Happy New Year! Can’t believe we’re at the start of another year but hopefully it’s gonna be another big one and can’t wait to share it with you.

It’s not only a new year though, but also a new avenue for Trevorjct Incorporated! 

We are excited to announce that following the creation of Inspire Catholic Media, we are going to be focus more on current affairs and topical stuff. 

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Well people, it’s that time of the year… time to toast the successes of the year that has been and give well due applause for some of the great things that perhaps went unnoticed.

In 2012, we looked at music specifically after in 2011 looking at moments. In 2013, we thought, like the Old El Paso ad, why not have both! 

So here it is, the top 10 sporting victories for 2013 and our top 10 music songs for 2013. 

Top 10 Sporting Victories of 2013

  1. Australian Cricket team- It only just happened, but frankly, this has to be in our books the biggest turnaround of the year. To be sacking coaches & dismissing players six months ago to now being the toast of the town after being 4-0 up against a team that was world leading less than a year ago, it’s a sign of the great work that Darren Lehmann & Michael Clarke have done alongside the players and coaching staff, a deserved number 1.

  2. Western Sydney Wanderers - success story of the A-League with packed out crowds, a winning team of bits and pieces players plus bringing the whole of the multicultural west together- definitely victory here.

  3. Pittsburgh Pirates- Ok so normally a team winning a post season game doesn’t get into a top 10 victory list- but when they haven’t done it since 1992, that’s definitely a cause for a victory and while they didn’t make it past more than one, this definitely deserves 3rd place IOO.

  4. Jillaroos- while the Australian Kangaroos RL team has been dominating for years, the Jillaroos this year finally got through the crazy hoodoo of never winning a World Cup and also beat arch-rivals NZ in the process. Just for the NZ beating this would be a victory but the fact they won a World Cup too, superb.

  5. Black Caviar- 25 straight victories and the support of a nation- and it was a horse.. this has to go down as one of the great triumphs of 2013, enjoy retirement dear gal!

  6. Israel Folau- From NRL, to AFL and then to Rugby, at the start of the year many were wondering whether this was just a money grab or did Israel actually have what it takes to make it. Well we were given an answer and it was crystal clear- he had what it took and then some! Wowing everyone with his strength and attacking flair, Israel is what the Wallabies have been missing for a long time and as long as he stays fit and interested, Australian Rugby will be winning more than it’s losing in the years to come.

  7. Lisa De Vanna goal for Sky Blues- this goal was a beauty and not only put Australian women on the soccer map in the US, but also got a nomination for the Puskas Award by FIFA for Goal of the Year- first time any Aussie’s has had a nomination, nice work Lisa!

  8. Adam Scott wins the US Masters- after many years of anguish for Aussie golfers at one of golf’s largest stages, Scott manages to break the drought & put golf in the headlines in Australia once more, a superb effort.

  9. Bayern Munich- As much as some of us hate to include this one (mainly because they’re Barca fans) it has to be said that Bayern under Pep have become a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Winners of the UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga and FIFA Club World Cup in one year is impressive but the way they did it, well that was just outstanding.

  10. Sachin Tendulkar- It’s kind of sad we can’t give him higher than 10th, because his career deserves it but we can’t go past the bowing out of one of the greatest cricketers of all time. So many runs, so many memories and most importantly, giving a country hope during tough times.. for that, we say thank you Little Master, all the best for retirement and enjoy the spoils of victory.

Top 10 Songs of 2013

  1. Royals- Lorde
  2. Best Day of My Life- American Authors
  3. Wake me Up- Avicii
  4. Roar- Katy Perry
  5. On Top of the World- Imagine Dragons
  6. Cups- Anna Kendrick
  7. Feel This Moment- Pitbull feat.Christina Aguilera
  8. The Wire- Haim
  9. Like a Drum- Guy Sebastian
  10. Old School Love- Lupe Fisaco feat. Ed Sheeran

Special mention to:  Preacher- One Republic, Steal the Light- Cat Empire, Let me down Easy- Sheppard & That Power by Will.I.Am feat. Justin Bieber.

*These are only an opinion and are debatable.

We hope you enjoyed our look back at 2013. Hopefully you will find lots of things to be excited about from it and may you have an great end to the year and lots of success in the year ahead!

A proud moment for Chris ‘Bucky’ Rogers as he celebrates a century at the MCG during the 2013 Boxing Day test.
This is a testament to the idea that you should never stop believing and always keep working towards your goals. Chris is 36 and has spent over 10 years being one of Australia’s top first class batsmen for WA and then VIC. 
He never got a chance however to represent his country, and then when he did a few years ago, the occasion got the better of him and he didn’t make the runs, subsequently being dropped.
The thing is though, he never gave up! He kept playing to the best of his ability and while he did think his time may have passed, he kept doing all he could possibly do to be there with a chance if the door to a test spot reopened.
Now, he’s probably secured his test opener spot in the Australian team for another few years and is the toast of the town. Proof you should never give up on your dreams and know that sometimes, it will take time, but if you truly believe in your ambitions and work hard towards them, then you will achieve them.
Congrats Buck and hope to see many more matches and runs to come.
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A proud moment for Chris ‘Bucky’ Rogers as he celebrates a century at the MCG during the 2013 Boxing Day test.

This is a testament to the idea that you should never stop believing and always keep working towards your goals. Chris is 36 and has spent over 10 years being one of Australia’s top first class batsmen for WA and then VIC.

He never got a chance however to represent his country, and then when he did a few years ago, the occasion got the better of him and he didn’t make the runs, subsequently being dropped.

The thing is though, he never gave up! He kept playing to the best of his ability and while he did think his time may have passed, he kept doing all he could possibly do to be there with a chance if the door to a test spot reopened.

Now, he’s probably secured his test opener spot in the Australian team for another few years and is the toast of the town. Proof you should never give up on your dreams and know that sometimes, it will take time, but if you truly believe in your ambitions and work hard towards them, then you will achieve them.

Congrats Buck and hope to see many more matches and runs to come.

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How Humans Eat Their Food






LMAO this is hilarious, and definitely a great comeback from the animals after we got them with how Animals eat their food ;)